20 Awesome Bathroom Design Ideas


Bathroom Design – Designing and decorating a bathroom, especially a small and tight one is a bit tricky. It has to look good and functional at the same time. Although a bathroom is not the main living area in any house it has to look good instead of just being neglected in any way it looks.

Before paying attention to the overall appeal of a bathroom, all things related to its function should be ensured first. It includes all the basic functional elements of a bathroom from toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower. Once the functional aspects have been done it is time to beautify the space.

One thing to keep in mind is that all of the things in its functional aspects will affect the look of the bathroom. The design and the color of the items should be in accordance with the décor ideas of the bathroom for the best look of it. It has to follow a décor style such as the simple look of modern style décor.

There are many ways to maximize the bathroom in both function and appeal. One of the ways is to make use of the corner spaces. There are certain types of items for a bathroom that can be placed in its corners including a corner sink and a corner cabinet.

Moreover it is possible to go for a floating type of item to be placed in a bathroom. This will reduce the need for floor space that is already pretty limited in a bathroom, especially a small one. A floating vanity or even a floating sink will look nice while serving its function properly for any bathroom.

Bathroom Design

Incorporating glass panels is always a smart idea for any bathroom. That will deliver an accent of a modern bathroom décor style while ensuring that there is no blockage of space in it. Glass panels will also ensure that lighting has no hindrance inside the bathroom area for a visually larger feel.

Pedestal sink and pedestal vanity can always be put into a solution for a bathroom optimization especially a tight bathroom space. A pedestal vanity with just one shelf will still do the job of being a storage space. Moreover a pedestal vanity will always look great in a bathroom having a modern décor.

A large sized mirror for a bathroom is among the key elements for a beautiful look and a visually spacious feel. Thus it is recommended to place a wide mirror inside a bathroom instead of just a tiny one. It will help with the lighting as well.

It is clear that today the modern style décor for any interior is the perfect choice. Moreover it deals with functionality aspects first before attempting to beautify the actual space decorated in this particular style.

There is no need to worry when dealing with bathroom design and décor today. A small bathroom can always be a beautiful looking bathroom and a highly functional one. Just remember to stick to the idea of simplicity in decorating the bathroom and in the end it will be nothing but awesome.


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