20 Awesome Farmhouse Fireplace Decor Ideas and Remodel

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20 Awesome Farmhouse Fireplace Decor Ideas and Remodel

Fireplace Decor  – Thinking of the best way to embrace the warmth and charm of a farmhouse to your interior design? Let’s start with its important element, a fireplace. Find out your favorite farmhouse fireplace decor ideas here.

1. Fireplace with Windmill Wall Art

Get artistic with your farmhouse fireplace! Place a windmill wall art just above the fireplace to create a vintage look.

2. Thanksgiving-Inspired Fireplace

Decorate your farmhouse fireplace with all-Thanksgiving items. Things such as cute mini pumpkins and a “Thankful” banner can be a great option.

3. Fireplace with Oversized Wood Clock

Create a rustic and vintage look to your fireplace by placing a large wood look.

4. Farmhouse in the Winter

Bring a winter-themed look to your interior! Place two mini-winter trees on your farmhouse fireplace to get the winter effect.

5. Country Fireplace with Decorative Signs

Put a stenciled sign reading “Farmhouse” in front of your fireplace. Add decorative vintage items like washboards and tall spindles to it.

6. Monochromatic Fireplace

Add black and white accents to your farmhouse fireplace with decorative items in monochrome colors.

7. Brick Farmhouse Fireplace

As a brick material is timeless, your brick fireplace will never be out of date.

8. Fireplace with Spring Elements

Bring the beauty and warmth of spring to your house! Put some spring flowers on your fireplace and combine them with a vintage window.

9. Rustic Fireplace with Christmas Theme

There is no warm Christmas without a perfect rustic fireplace. Place silhouettes of a deer, Santas, and white trees to remind you of a beautiful Christmas.

10. Secret Garden is Here!

Transform your farmhouse fireplace into a door that leads you to a secret garden. Hang an old garden gate with metal scrollwork above the fireplace and “find” the secret place.

11. Jumbled Fireplace

Place a little bit of this and that to create a fireplace with a jumbled and asymmetric look. Decorate it with things like a green window frame, tall galvanized metal pitcher, and a framed botanical print.

12. All-Season Fireplace

See the beauty of every season through this farmhouse fireplace design and enjoy it.

13. Classic Country Fireplace

Classic Country Fireplace with this fireplace design by using white color. Decorate it with blackboard and greenery to add contrast.

14. Thanksgiving is Coming!

Decorate it with little pumpkins, cotton blossom stems, and a large metal windmill.

15. Fireplace with Wooden Basket

Create a vintage backdrop in your fireplace by decorating it with a large wooden gathering basket.

16. Bountiful Spring Fireplace

Decorate your farmhouse fireplace with bountiful flowers to bring the beauty of spring to your interior.

17. Cozy Cabin-Inspired Farmhouse Fireplace

Bring forest style indoor by decorating your fireplace with evergreen branches and natural pine cones.

18. Farmhouse in the Fall

Give a subtle nod to the beauty of autumn! Place chunky vases with flowers of the season on the fireplace along with a vintage window.

19. Rustic Fireplace with Succulent Arrangement

Add colors to your rustic fireplace with succulents, magnolia leaf wreath, and old white window.

20. Country Chic Fireplace

Create a chic country fireplace with an embroidery hoop wreath a vintage milk box.



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