20 Best Backyard Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

20 Best Backyard Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

Are you looking for a vegetable garden idea to provide your family with healthy foods every day? Get your backyard vegetable garden design inspiration on the following page.

1. Backyard Vegetable Garden with Crushed Granite Walkaway

Featuring a walkway made of crushed granite, this kitchen garden also uses treated timber to create bed borders.

2. Vegetable Garden with Raised Beds

The raised beds installed form stone walls to help you determine spaces to plant various vegetable seeds.

3. Potager Garden in French Style

This Potager garden comes with a stunning French style and radiating pathways of brick. It is a traditional backyard vegetable garden design that also contains herbs, berries, and fruits.

4. Vegetable Garden Mixed with Flower Plants

Making an outdoor pizza oven as a focal point, this veggie is surrounded by lush landscaping consists of flower plants.

5. Vegetable Garden with Venice California Style

It is a kitchen garden that features Cor-ten planter boxes to grow various vegetables and herbs. They make the garden looks tidier.

6. Kitchen Garden with Cedar Beds

The cedar raised beds used in the garden are insect resistant. You can use the untreated cedar to create boxes to plant the vegetable seeds.

7. Mini Vegetable Garden

Use your apartment balcony to plant some vegetable seeds. This mini garden uses some pots to plant lime trees, aloe, and herbs.

8. Vegetable Garden with Pine Beds

The raised pine beds used to create borders in the garden make the vegetable plants kept organized.

9. Simple Box Containers for Veggie Garden

These simple box containers provide perfect places to plant vegetables. The garden design allows you to control soil type used since the veggies are not planted in the ground.

10. Kitchen Garden with Redwood Compose

The vegetable plants in the garden are composed of redwood. It uses cedar pots and hog-wires to keep the garden well-organized.

11. Veggie Garden with Flower Plants

This backyard garden design comes with a perfect combination of vegetables and rows of lavender and rosemary.

12. Beautiful Vegetable Cottage Garden

This lovely vegetable cottage garden features raised beds of healthy vegetables with a flagstone pathway.

13. Summer Backyard Garden

It is a beautiful summer backyard garden that consists of a perfect mix of flower rows and delicious vegetable plants.

14. Pallet Veggie Garden

All you need is just several bags of garden soil and pallets to create this veggie garden.

15. Vegetable Garden with VegTrug

This VegTrug comes with a wide range of colors and sizes options, allowing you to grow your veggies in style and high-aesthetic.

16. DIY Salad Garden

The vegetable plants in this garden are grown in a portable wine crater that perfect for a small garden.

17. Veggie Plants in Hanging PVC

This veggie garden features a hanging tiered PVC to grow herbs, lettuce and chives that ideal for a small backyard.

18. Kitchen Garden with Vertical Walls

The vertical walls installed in the garden as well as terracotta pots keeps the design simple and add aesthetic values.

19. Culinary Herb Garden with Vertical Wires

This garden features vertical wires function as a garden trellis. Meanwhile, raised planter beds are used to grow the veggies.

20. Potager Garden with Fencing

The fences around the potager garden will protect the veggies planted in the metal troughs and raised beds from wild animals.



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