20 Best Tiny House Design Ideas


What a Special Tiny House Design?

A tiny house does not mean that it cannot be beautiful and functional at the same time. There are so many creative ideas you can adopt to get the best of tiny living space. Many of those ideas are easy to do yet can deliver a significant result in making any space look bigger and better in no time.

Whether it is just a small diy project on the weekend or a tiny bit of thing to do every day after a full day of work, awaits a great result. For example, even just changing the base color on the walls will greatly improve the atmosphere of any tiny space. It will not break your wallet at any rate.

Dealing with a tiny space means that even the wall space should be used. It turns out that wall space can be the center of myriads of things to help to express your personality within the décor. That idea will lead to a clutter-free tiny space with just about everything put on the wall neatly.

Many things can surely be placed on the wall to help to improve the look of the space and to express your characteristics at the same time. With the help of some shelves and holders to put things on the wall, your tiny space will look better than before in no time.

One thing that commonly uses a large chunk of floor space is a door. A common door will need space for it to be opened. Thus, in dealing with a tiny space, it is better to use a sliding door. Obviously, this door will not need any floor space to be opened like a common door type.

Moreover, the style and design of the door will further increase the overall appeal of the décor within the space as well. A white-painted farmhouse style barn door might well be a great choice for you. On the other hand, the door can even be in a Japanese style wooden screen sliding door.

Seating is one of the main elements of any living space.

Unfortunately, conventional seating in the form of an individual armchair will use a lot of floor space. That brings bench as the better alternative of seating in a tiny interior space. It is better to go for a storage bench for a more space-saving trick.

In addition to the use of a bench in a tiny living space, a bar top will make it even better. The idea of adding a bar top is within the same purpose as using bench seating. The bar top will provide a large space as an alternative for a table. It is better to pair a bar top with some minimalistic stools below it.

One last bit of advice when dealing with a tiny space is to use all of the corners inside. It is easy to find furniture items to use on corners. A wooden storage shelf is an example of corner furniture for tiny space.



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