20 Cool Garden Path And Walkway Ideas Design Ideas And Remodel

20 Cool Garden Path And Walkway Ideas Design Ideas And Remodel

Cool Garden Path – From recycled pallet to granite, there is a wide range of walkaway designs you can opt for. These following gorgeous garden paths design is no exception.

1. Wood Slices Garden Path

Bring a rustic and more natural look to your garden with this wood slices walkaway. Just lay the wood slices out on abed of sand to create an earthy garden path.

2. Elegant Granite Pathway

This granite pathway will provide you with a unique garden path and accentuate the design of your garden.

3. Decorative Pebble Mosaic

The colorful pebbles form a unique mosaic pattern that will amaze everyone who comes to your house.

4. DIY Bark Mulch Path

This bark mulch path is another way to bring your garden close to nature.

5. Symmetrical Brick Pathway

Arrange bricks in a symmetrical placement, vertical and horizontal, to create an amazing garden pathway.

6. Repurpose Pallet Park

Upcycle your old pallets into a unique DIY walkaway. It is both on a budget and an easy DIY project.

7. Stone and Mulch Walkaway

This pathway comes with a perfect combination of stone and mulch to bring your garden design to a different level.

8. Classic Pebble and Paver Pathway

You can add a classic touch to your garden design by combining pebbles and paver stones to create a pathway.

9. Earthy Wooden Step 

Place some wooden planks along a gravel path to create this earthy garden walkaway.

10. Natural Stone Garden Path

Put some large stones with an irregular shape to create a natural but unique pathway in your garden.

11. DIY Gravel Path

This is a simple and affordable DIY project to make your garden looks more stunning.

12. Pavers Garden Path

Create a more formal area in your garden with this paver path. The pavers are easy to maintain and keep your garden looks neat.

13. Garden Path with Cobblestone Effect

This stone walkway will provide your garden with an amazing cobblestone effect, making it more adorable.

14. Concrete Garden Path

This concrete garden path comes with a simple brick edging. It is perfect for a home with modern design.

15. DIY Stone Step Path

Create a staircase path with flagstones and stone risers to beautify your sloping lawn. Enjoy stepping path the stone staircase and feel a peaceful ambiance in your garden.

16. Planted Garden Path

Use flat surface stones in different sizes and cover the gap between them with plants. It will help you to create a shady effect in your garden.

17. Awesome Wooden Boardwalk

You will never go wrong with a wooden boardwalk! It will work well for any lawn or garden.

18. Gravel Path with Stone Edged

Add some brick-shaped stone to enhance the basic of your gravel path and create more dimension.

19. Cool Flagstone Garden Path

Make your garden looks more fabulous with the orange-ish and reddish color of flagstones. They complement greenery and will perfectly blend sunny areas in your garden.

20. Stamped Concrete Walkaway

Add a warm look to your garden with this stamped concrete pathway. Additionally, the concrete comes with a wide range of colors and textures to choose for.



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