20 Favourite Rustic Kitchen Decorating Ideas And Remodel


Rustic Kitchen – Creativity has no limits that lead to a wide array of décor style for any space including a kitchen. Why do kitchens need to be decorated properly? Well, a beautiful looking kitchen that is also functional at the same time is a place to really get creative in cooking and delivering delicious meals in the end.

Decorating a kitchen does not mean to make it look beautiful only. The décor should pay attention to the functionality of the entire kitchen space itself. A nice looking kitchen that is not really functional is not going to be useful at all for all cooking related activities.

Among the many styles of décor and design to create a kitchen is the famous rustic style. What is actually the rustic style of decoration? Basically a rustic style décor is a unique looking décor that features the look of country kitchen style.

Today it does not have to be an actual kitchen in the countryside to incorporate this unique style of decoration. Rustic style kitchens can even be located in a modern style house. That is highly possible since nowadays it is common to combine more than one décor styles in a house.

Rustic Kitchen

Obviously there are some basic characteristics to remember when decorating in rustic style. The characteristics will lead to the need and use of certain materials and items within the space. Surely when all things combine perfectly in a kitchen the rustic style will be highly enjoyable.

The use of dark woods is among the main characteristics of a rustic kitchen. It can be in any form or anything inside the kitchen. For example the flooring can be made of wide wooden planks while the ceiling beams can be exposed since they are all thick woods.

The use of dark woods along with some pops of red is the key to create a warm atmosphere inside the kitchen. A kitchen that is combined with a dining space will get the benefit of rustic décor for a really warm and inviting vibe. It will look really like a country kitchen as well.

Moreover the addition of stone materials in a kitchen will scream nothing but rustic. Just keep in mind not to overdo it or it will just be a bust. Stone wall covering for one or two sides of the wall will do the trick. Otherwise the stone can be in the form of a granite countertop.

It is recommended to go for a brighter wood material for the kitchen. For example, the wooden ceiling and its beams can be covered in white paint to create a rustic yet modern appeal. It will contribute to the lighting of the kitchen as well.

There are many small items that will deliver rustic flair here and there when added to a kitchen. Just keep it reasonable to avoid overdoing it which will not be good at all.


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