20 Gorgeous Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

20 Gorgeous Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Kitchen cabinet – These 20 gorgeous farmhouse kitchen cabinets design ideas offer the best chance for you to live both in the Wild West era and in modernity. They look classic and rustic, but they have a strong focus on functionality and simplicity, which are basically the core elements of contemporary kitchen designs.

Of all the components that make up your kitchen, your cabinets play the biggest role in terms of both functionality and decoration. In a kitchen, cabinets are virtually everywhere: under the countertop, under the sink, and mounted on the wall above most of your appliances. When you want to decorate your kitchen in a farmhouse style, you can start with them first before taking care of the remaining kitchen components.



The best kitchen cabinets for a farmhouse kitchen are the ones with a relatively simple and plain design. The core idea here is to choose a cabinet that looks minimalistic. You don’t have to compromise the décor and ornaments a lot. As long as the cabinet looks simple enough, it is great for your kitchen.



The most suitable colors for a farmhouse kitchen cabinet are neutral ones. Neutral colors create a natural look, which is another design element that emerges from the simplicity of farmhouse philosophy. Cabinets with neutral colors don’t necessarily have to look pale because darker accents can dramatically eliminate their somber and boring look.


Natural Materials

It should already be obvious that a farmhouse cabinet should be made from all-natural materials. Wood is the most obvious choice, and if you want to put a countertop on it, stone and wood countertops are great choices. There is a huge selection of wood types and stone materials that fit the farmhouse design of your kitchen.


Island Cabinet

An island is a common sight in a farmhouse kitchen. It is used not only for food preparation but also for group meals. Incorporate an island cabinet and you will get extended kitchen storage as a bonus.


Low Under-Sink Cabinet

Another common sight in a farmhouse kitchen is an oversized and deep sink with aprons. Choose the best cabinet based on all the kitchen cabinet ideas that you discover.


Farmhouse Paneling

Farmhouse paneling is especially useful to decorate the back of your island cabinet and the sides of the rest. There are two types of paneling that are commonly seen in a farmhouse kitchen: shiplap and beadboard. With this paneling on your cabinet’s back and sides, it will dramatically improve the farmhouse atmosphere of your kitchen.



A farmhouse kitchen design is not one of a kind. There are many variants available and each affects many details of the design. The most famous styles include French Country, Tuscan, Coastal, and Scandinavian.


kitchen Cabinet Types

All the gorgeous farmhouse kitchen cabinet design ideas feature specific types of kitchen cabinet, such as shaker, beadboard, and reclaimed-wood cabinets. Explore all of the available choices to pick the best ones for your kitchen.



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