20 Special Chicken Run Ideas for Your Garden Decoration


Garden Decoration – Chicken run or coop can be a great decoration for your garden. Now, if you plan to use it, here we have several ideas that might help you.

1. Simple Fence

Just make a square area with a wire fence surrounding it. Put your chicken inside and voila you get your decoration.

2. Chicken Farm

If you have enough budgets, you can build a mini chicken farm. Build the barn as well, to make it special.

3. Grass Area

You also can use simple wire coop. However, plant some grass in it for your chicken playing area.

4. Flower Roof

Instead of metal or wooden roofs, you can plant some flowers as your chicken coop roof. It gives it natural and fresh looks, which is perfect for the garden.

5. The Tunnel

Make a tunnel-like cage of metal wire with a wooden frame. Put it in your garden in the middle of the plant and flowers. Now, you have nice chicken run decorations.

6. Tunnel and Coop

You also can combine the tunnel chicken run with the traditional wood coop. It gives your chicken an area to play, without worrying it will escape.

7. Extravagant Coop

You can build a large coop and area where you’re chicken can play. Then, plant flowers around it to make it look great.

8. Garden Chicken Run

Plant several different plants in the chicken run area. It changes the normal chicken run into a beautiful one.

9. Two Stories Chicken Run

Build a chicken coop, with the bottom area as the playing area. Give the ladder and it looks great on your garden.

10. Natural Chicken Run

You also can create a chicken run that has a natural atmosphere. Just give some logs, and two different floors (grass and sand).

11. Natural Fence

Use a wood log for the frame of the wire fence. It gives you the wild and natural chicken run.

12. Tunnel Fence

You can make a wire tunnel as the fence surrounding your garden. Put the chicken inside to make it a chicken run decoration.

13. Rose Chicken Run

Plant rose inside the chicken run. The bright red color will give it a beautiful touch.

14. Red Chicken Coop

You also can use the standard chicken coop. But, to make it stand out, paint it bright red.

15. The Stable

Build a mini horse stable and put your chicken inside. You have a unique chicken run decoration here.

16. Rustic Chicken Run

Changing the color of your chicken coop also can make it stand out. This time try to rustic color. It will give your garden a different nuance.

17. Creative Shape

Use different shapes, like L shape, for your chicken run. It looks unique, and your chicken will have fun inside.

18. The Tent

Make a big cage. Then, inside give a tent-like chicken coop. It will make everyone wonder who stays inside.

19. Portable Chicken Run

You can always get the portable chicken run made of fiberglass or plastic. It easy to move, whenever you want to change how your garden looks like.

20. The Solid Wood

Prepare some budget and buy the chicken run made of the best wood. This solid wood looks will give you a real special chicken run for your garden.

Now, choose the type that you like. Match it with your garden plan, to make it looks great on it.


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