20 Stunning Backyard Pond Ideas with Waterfalls

20 Stunning Backyard Ponds Ideas With Waterfalls

A water feature such as ponds with waterfalls is one of the crucial elements in landscaping plans. Find out your favorite backyard pond with waterfall ideas on the following page.

1. Illuminated Backyard

This backyard pond and waterfall comes decorative lights. They are designed to provide focus on plants and rocks at night.

2. Geometric Courtyard Pond

Featuring fountain water and floating steps as the focal point, this geometric backyard comes with an architectural-style pond that fits the modern home design.

3. Backyard Pond with Patioscape

The water trickle and trailing plants on the side of the waterscape feature and a boulder will bring your backyard pond int a different level.

4. Water Walls Backyard

This back yard garden comes with natural stone walls installation, providing a place to retreat.

5. DIY Garden Pond with Lily Pads

This DIY backyard pond and waterfall consists of aqua plants like colorful water lilies. It also built from statuary and rock stones.

6. Canadian Waters Backyard Pond

Get yourself amazed by the unique placement of the rocks that surround a small pool in a backyard pond.

7. Architectural Backyard Pond

Featuring a water curtain that goes down into a pond, this backyard is also completed with a casual seating place.

8. Backyard with Natural Flow Waterfalls

The natural flow of the waterfall makes the backyard looks more attractive and allow you to provide adequate oxygen for fish.

9. Backyard Pond with Dramatic Backdrop

The dramatic backdrop formed by some rocks that are strategically positioned to create a stone outcrop look.

10. Stylish Floating Pathway

The stepping stones across a two-tier koi pond create an amazing floating pathway to the backyard.

11. Woodland Backyard Pond

This woodland backyard features an amazing kidney-shaped pond. The plants in the garden are set around limestone rocks hidden inside the water.

12. Backyard with Koi Fish Pond and Backyard

The water and small koi pond built in the backyard provide a good view. Meanwhile, the brick walls around the backyard add a natural touch to the place.

13. Simple Urban Backyard Pond

This urban pond design will be perfect the most for a small contemporary backyard with waterfall.

14. Backyard Pond with Winged Angel

The winged and lovely angel that perches on the waterfall adds a dramatic look to the backyard pond.

15. Lush Mini Backyard Pond

A waterfall with a natural look is a great addition to the lush landscaping backyard. Additionally, the design will perfectly fit a small backyard pond.

16. Backyard with Vessel Feature

This backyard pond features a vessel where looks naturally flow over the stones. It creates artistic illumination at night.

17. Hillside Waterfall

It has a watercourse that starts on a slope, winding past tones, and finally flows into a small pond. The hillside waterfall creates a picturesque view around the backyard pond.

18. Stone Wall Backyard Pond

Featuring a stone wall, this backyard pond is also planted with native grass to strengthen its natural look.

19. Backyard with Aquatic Plants

This backyard and waterfall feature colorful aquatic flowers with different to support the pond’s ecosystem and make it outstanding.

20. Backyard Pond with Statue Water Feature

Instead of featuring a conventional human-made waterfall, this backyard pond is built with a boy-with-hose-fountain.




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