20 Unique Garden Fence Decoration Ideas

20 Unique Garden Fence Decoration Ideas

These 20 unique garden fence decoration ideas provide you with the best solutions both to secure and to beautify your garden. A Garden fence is not necessarily used for security purposes. In fact, certain fence types, such as picket, are used mostly for decorative purposes.

The best garden fence ideas are thus meant to help you accentuate your fence’s real function. Whether it will be a privacy fence, a decorative one, or both, you will find the best ideas for your fence design. Learn about some common elements that all of those ideas share and you can pick the best of them.


Material and Treatment

All great garden fences start from the best fence material. Cheap wood and iron can be painted to look attractive. Cheap vinyl also looks sleek and shiny on the shelf. However, they are definitely not the best materials to withstand harsh elements, so choose high-quality ones because their look is something that you can handle later.

Even high-quality materials will break sooner than you expect if they are not properly treated. Factory-made materials are generally pressure-treated before being shipped to the store; however, if the material that you buy has not been treated, treating it is important to protect it from elements, mold and mildew, and termites. Treated materials are also less prone to cracks during hotter seasons.


Privacy versus Decoration

Certain unique garden fence decoration ideas help you specify whether a fence should serve for privacy or decorative purpose. Both are not necessarily interchangeable and building a privacy fence at the wrong place may cause the garden to feel like a prison. The right ideas will guide you to choose the right fence at the right place.



One of the simplest, cheapest, and easiest ways is by painting it. Drawing a character or painting a mural on it will make it significantly more attractive than its plainer counterparts.


Functional Decorations

Fence decorations don’t necessarily have to be attractive only. Some decorations may serve as a functional component for the fence. A birdhouse or a mailbox that perches on the top of the fence is a good example. You can also attach some decorative lamps on your fence to create a dramatic visual effect, especially at night.


3D Fence Decor

If the 2D painting doesn’t make your garden fence attractive enough, you can actually go 3D. Gluing origami butterfly arts on the surface of your fence, for instance, is an excellent way to give the fence a livelier look.


Plant Decoration

A fence that is used to enclose a garden can be used as a planting medium as well. Simply hang anything that can be used to grow plants, such as cans and boots, on the fence and you are ready to make your fence look greener. You can also use the fence to grow vines, which don’t require a dedicated growing medium.



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