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Fujitsu fi-5950 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Download Fujitsu fi-5950

Fujitsu fi-5950 Scanner Driver Download. The Fujitsu fi-5950 is a document scanner for high volume production environment with a multifunctional, high quality image processing of scanning requirements up to 100,000 documents per day. The fi-5950C scans at a speed of 135 pages per minute, with a resolution of 300 dpi (A4 horizontal format) in color and black / white. The automatic document feeder can record a stack volume of up to 500 sheets in the formats A8 to A3. The Fujitsu fi-5950 scanner can be used in archiving, document management and document reading. The ultrasonic double feed control ensures secure document capture in production environments.

Driver Download Fujitsu fi-5950 Scanner Installer
This scanner is designed for continuous operation. The Fujitsu fi-5950 scanner also features patch code and barcode supported job separation, automatic stacking function 'Automatic Stacker' and automatic image quality control 'Automatic Image Quality Checker'. Thanks to the automatic stacking function 'Automatic Stacker' and the automatic image quality control 'Automatic Image Quality' manual intervention after scanning are greatly reduced. 

Fujitsu fi-5950 Set Up Installer Download
Fujitsu fi-5950 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Fujitsu fi-5950 Download
The 'Automatic Stacker' function ensures that all scanned documents are properly stacked: the 'Automatic Image Quality Checker' function identifies image errors (kinks or cracks in the scanned document) after scanning. The new type of image optimization and what is Fujitsu Paper Stream IP? Fujitsu PaperStream IP is a completely new type of driver software. With advanced black-and-white editing, all documents are automatically transformed into images with high image quality. Best of all, the user does not have to make individual scan settings to achieve this result.

Driver Scanner Download Fujitsu fi-5950
The digital data are optimally prepared for downstream processing like the OCR text recognition. The software works with applications via the TWAIN or ISIS interface. In addition, PaperStream IP offers a unique triple-stream capability: if desired, three files with different color values, different resolution and different file formats can be created simultaneously in different target directories / systems. What are the advantages of Fujitsu Paper Stream IP ? PaperStream IP is directly integrated into the scanner driver. No additional software is needed to administer and configure the scanner.

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