Friday, March 3, 2017

HP LaserJet Pro M12A Driver Download

HP LaserJet Pro M12A Driver Download

HP LaserJet Pro M12A Printer Driver Download. From my view, printing quality and mechanical construction of the printer, especially the face of the price of about € 100 very good. Something a pity I find that the printer is only a "starter" version of the toner, with a capacity of only about 700 pages enclosed. The normal cartridges, on the other hand, come to about 1600 pages. Really lousy is, however, in fact the enclosed instructions of the setup. This is because the configuration by WPS is not even mentioned. Therefore, the following tip for setting up the printer with a WPS-enabled router, such as a FritzBox: Press on and wait until the blue WLAN LED flashes, if necessary press WLAN button.

Driver Download HP LaserJet Pro M12A Printer Installer
Then activate WPS at the router (eg the FritzBox 7490 press the WPS key until the green LED flashes) and after a few seconds the printer is integrated into the WLAN. Apple AirPrint works immediately (why a Rezesent meant, the printer does not have this function, I can not judge) and after printing the IP configuration (push button for two seconds) one can use this data the printer also on the Window PC Or Mac OS X.

HP LaserJet Pro M12A DRIVERS Download

HP LaserJet Pro M12A Driver Download

Printer Driver HP LaserJet Pro M12A Download
I recommend, like some other revisions, to use the current setup program from the HP home page. Optically, the HP LaserJet Pro M12A printer has managed to be compact and clean. A printer cartridge was right there. The HP LaserJet Pro M12A installation was actually an easy thing with our laptop. Installation CD and he did almost everything alone, ie even someone who has never installed a printer, could do this with this printer in any case.

Driver Printer Download HP LaserJet Pro M12A
Printing is actually as simple as I had imagined. I sit in the living room, go to "print" and in the office the expression comes out great. The printed image is clear and clean, without smearing or blurring. And then the surprise: recently I was sitting on another laptop, wanted to print and thought "oh, wrong laptop, on which the printer is not installed", nevertheless I got this printer suggested and could really print about it, ie without the printer On the new laptop.


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