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Brother SC-2000USB Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Brother SC-2000USB

Brother SC-2000USB Printer Driver Download. The Brother SC-2000USB is a professional stamp production in 600 dpi and four colors. Imagine holding your individual stamp with signature, company logo, symbol and message in just a few minutes in your hands. This is now possible! Almost anything that can be created on the PC, we can bring you a self-stamping stamp. Within a few minutes, so we can create a stamp that is perfect for use in offices, schools, offices, libraries or craft companies. Thanks to the integrated ink chamber, a stamp pad is no longer required. The stamp is created with a resolution of 600dpi, so that a sharp typeface can be printed.

Driver Download Brother SC-2000USB Printer Installer
Choose from 11 different sizes and 4 different colors and you are one step closer to your professional stamp. Start the P-touch Editor on your PC. Create any layout according to your needs, whether you integrate text, graphics, photo, logo or a signature. The Brother SC-2000USB immediately transfers the image from your screen to a transparent exposure film. From the internal magazine holder, every detail of the stamp layout is transferred to the exposure film by means of 600 dpi thermal transfer printing.

Brother SC-2000USB Driver Stamp Printer Download

Brother SC-2000USB Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother SC-2000USB Download
Open the stamp compartment cover: There you see the exposure film for the stamp above the xenon lamp unit. Place a stamp blank on the exposure film above the xenon lamp unit. Note that the protective film will adhere to the rubber surface. By closing the stamp compartment cover, the xenon lamp unit is automatically activated; The stamp surface is exposed. The surface of the stamp consists of a photosensitive rubber, specially developed for the Brother SC-2000USB. The light from the xenon lamp closes millions of micropores in the stamp surface.

Driver Printer Download Brother SC-2000USB
Only pores protected by the black color on the exposure film (positive) remain open. Only now can the protective film be removed. By attaching the stamp holder, the inside color container opens. Hold the stamp upright with the stamp surface facing down so that the ink runs faster in the stamp. Depending on the stamp image and size, this process can take several hours.

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