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Canon Pixma Pro-10S Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Canon Pixma Pro-10S

Canon Pixma Pro-10S Printer Driver Download. In addition to the Canon Pixma Pro-10S printer driver and the printer setup and printer settings, the PrintStudio Pro print plug-ins and a quick menu are available on the desk. The Quick menu allows you to quickly change the device settings and quickly call up Canon's own online services such as the "Creative Park" with greeting cards, paper models or calendars. Just use the Quick menu to download the program My Image Garden. This is a combination of image management and editing software, a little like Apple's iPhoto. Interesting are the premium content, which can be accessed, among other things, on archive material from National Geographics and Klimt's art calendar. If you want to print CD-blanks, with this program one finds the most necessary reduced partner.

Driver Download Canon Pixma Pro-10S Printer Installer
The most interesting addition for prints in fine-art quality is certainly PrintStudio Pro. Just PrintStudio Pro is a lot of fun and makes printing much easier. The plug-in supports Adobe Photoshop from CS4, Photoshop Elements from Version 8 and Lightroom from 2.7. PrintStudio Pro simplifies the printing process, which begins with the settings for the ICC profile and extends to the adjustment of the margins right up to the input of additional text or the color adjustment. However, Canon Pixma Pro-10S also contains a small fall knit at the layout. For multiple images, the layout settings apply only to the first image.

Canon Pixma Pro-10S Driver Printer Download

Canon Pixma Pro-10S Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma Pro-10S Download
Remedy: First select all images at the bottom of the window and then select the layout settings. The plug-in still needs to be sharpened. The first orientation with the print head alignment should be remembered in any case, so that optimal printer results are obtained. At the print speed, the Pixma Pro-10 does not show any weakness. For an A4 photo it takes less than three minutes, an A3 device is finished in about five minutes. Handling with Fine-Art paper via the manual feed is anything but user-friendly, since you still have to press a button on the printer before printing starts.

Driver Printer Download Canon Pixma Pro-10S
Even more cumbersome is the print on canvas: open the inside cover, press the resume button, wait until the paper is fed, close the inside cover, and press the Resume button again. When printing on matte fine-art media, the large margin of 35 millimeters above and below interferes. Due to the parallel use of matt black and glossy black, a quick change is just as easy as for the Epson Stylus Photo R2000.

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