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Samsung ML-2525W Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung ML-2525W

Samsung ML-2525W Printer Driver Download. I am already very impressed by the test side, how clear and harmonious the pressure worked. Samsung ML-2525W network connection works without problems. The print software can possibly be felt as annoying, since constantly on the toner level is pointed out. For the first time you should go over the manual at least, how long I press the On / Off for test page, On, Off. This Samsung ML-2525W printer is now with me almost in continuous operation and by W-Lan. At the beginning it is perhaps a little tiring to adjust this properly, but in my opinion this is worthwhile. It prints very quickly and very precisely.

Driver Download Samsung ML-2525W Printer Installer
I am completely satisfied and would buy this Samsung ML-2525W printer again. I bought this Samsung ML-2525W printer about half a year ago (for study), and am fully satisfied. Samsung ML-2525W prints fixed, has a clean typeface, and the standard toner already holds more than 1100 pages, almost 25% (at least according to the status report). In the business was mentioned that the toner holds about 800 pages.

Samsung ML-2525W Driver Printer Download
Samsung ML-2525W Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ML-2525W Download
The network function is a little elaborate to set up, but does not represent a big problem. Nice to find also the possibility directly in the driver, thus program-independent, several pages / sheet which has certainly saved me so many euros on paper. After having used various inkjet printers in recent years, which I have been annoyed for sooner or later for some reason, we have finally come to the laser printer.

Driver Printer Download Samsung ML-2525W
Overall what can I say? Easy installation, compact, unique design, good printability, high print speed, no jamming of the nozzles after long non-use, fast and uncomplicated delivery on the part of Amazon. So it is hardly important that it is just a black and white printer Is used. But honestly, how often do you need a color printer at home as an Otto-Normal consumer? Less often than you think. So: top price performance ratio, thumbs up, absolute purchase recommendation!

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