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Sharp AL-1035 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Sharp AL-1035

Sharp AL-1035 Printer Driver Download. After years of drifting with drying inkjet printers, which always wear new cartridges (even if they are not yet empty) and which after the expiration of the warranty period for some unknown reasons break and support in the sense for such devices after expiration of the warranty does not exist, I have Me finally bought a laser printer: this one here. Sharp AL-1035 is practically small, compact, unfortunately black (would be so slow at the time, that the industry thinks of colored designs) and can even scan and push the scan on usb stick. The everything however only in black and white and only for windows (which my pre-reviewer has already expressly criticized).

Driver Download Sharp AL-1035 Printer Installer
The Sharp AL-1035 scan function is with my device after about 1 year failed (copy-error), the manual advises me to use a different stick, but it helps nothing, I've tried with 3 or 4 different sticks, so the device can Just print it, but it is good and reliable. The Sharp AL-1035 printing costs are much lower than with inkjet printers and dry can there nothing, therefore actually 5 stars, 2 deduct, since no scan mgl. But my expectations were not met at all, would have had to be sent back. Printing quality is absolutely unsatisfactory, very slow printing, printer for a quarter of the price print far better, the weight can easily be misjudged, the term "mobile" refers only to the fact that there is a handle, the 280 euros.

Sharp AL-1035 Driver Printer Download

Sharp AL-1035 Driver Download

Printer Driver Sharp AL-1035 Download
I had previously a Canon inkjet mobile printer, which was much better in pressure and speed, unfortunately more often dried up, therefore the change. Perhaps I have regret. I use the Sharp AL-1035 on the road, which works very well, the quality is right, great is that you can even scan in color, I am very satisfied I bought the Sharp AL-1035 printer at Amazon. The seller has sent the product punctually. However the included CD contained no driver for MAC. The customer service of the seller assured to procure a driver. After 5 days and ten e-mails, the customer service stopped and there is no Mac OS X driver for the Sharp AL-1035 printer.

Driver Printer Download Sharp AL-1035
I had not even fully unpacked the device, not even put into operation. The included toner cartridge was not used and originally welded. I have returned the Sharp AL-1035 immediately with a package service at my expense in the original packaging. The seller reimbursed the price with a deduction of 50 €, since the device supposedly had traces of use and not original packaging. On request I was informed that the original box for the return could not have been sealed with adhesive strips.

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