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HP LaserJet Pro M104a Driver Download

HP LaserJet Pro M104a Free Driver Download

HP LaserJet Pro M104a Printer Driver Download. Because I do not like a laser printer in the living room, so far I had a laser printer and an old FritzBox as a wireless printer server in the hallway. That worked reasonably, but I was in the long run too cumbersome. I do not like inkjet printers, they were basically dried up when I needed them. Now this HP LaserJet Pro M104a is in the hallway and takes over the job. The decisive factor for this printer was that I can print directly from the computer via WLAN and also from the iPad and iPhone via AirPrint. For visitors, I have set up the mail printing service, so they can, if necessary, from the guest WLAN print out (for train tickets, etc. I find the NSA cloud connection acceptable. I myself am with all devices in the same network, so the printing works directly and without cloud service. I am very satisfied with the printer so far, the print quality is in my opinion very good. Printing from all sources works fine.

Driver Download HP LaserJet Pro M104a Printer Installer
The warming up of the HP LaserJet Pro M104a printer takes some time, but this is in my opinion a problem of all laser printers (at least, if you operate the printer to save energy at a switchable socket). A color laser printer with the same equipment costs a lot more and would not do much for me (I rarely have the need to print color graphics and there are photo services for photos that can do that better and cheaper). I definitely recommend the HP LaserJet Pro M104a printer. I used to buy a printer from HP, looked into the manual, connected and good. Now you need technical knowledge, because the user manual is sparse and an enclosed CD due to the lack of drive synonymous not to use. After turning on this HP LaserJet Pro M104a printer, it made a lot of crackling noises, like breaking plastic. Oh dear, that does not sound good. But seems to be normal, because the printer seems to have taken no damage.

HP LaserJet Pro M104a Drivers Download

HP LaserJet Pro M104a Driver Download

Printer Driver HP LaserJet Pro M104a Download
Then you need patience, because the attention LED and Wi-Fi LED flashing wild wild long. Man has to wait 20 minutes, as long as the Wi-Fi sign lights up permanently. But the WLAN signal of the printer was not displayed under the selectable WLAN? How come? And without software, I could not integrate the HP LaserJet Pro M104a printer in the wireless network. The famous pressing on the WPS button of the Fritzbox brought nothing, of course, so no signal from the printer. Hmm. So as always I took the USB port, downloaded the latest software and drivers from the HP side and the printer went down. However, the Airprint variant could not be installed because of this lack of WLAN signal from the printer. In my despair, I took the Fritzbox and the printer once from the stream and lo and behold, it went. Wi-Fi signal from the printer and the installer went through. 3 days of desperation, but now I am satisfied. Wireless printing via airprint from all my devices. Great HP LaserJet Pro M104a!

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