Brother HL-4140CN Driver Download

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Brother HL-4140CN Printer Driver Download. After my old HP Laserjet gave up after years, a new color laser printer had to be produced. Printers can not compare so well. So I came across reviews on this Brother HL-4140CN and I bought it because:

- it is attributed to a good price / performance ratio and
- the prices per printed page are cheap and
- the manufacturer 3 years on site warranty!

Now my own concrete experiences.
- the device is relatively large and heavy
- the design is compact, the printer fits well
- construction no problem, the manufacturer's description is clear
- Installation of the drivers (PCL6 and PS3) is simple
- you can start immediately
- Already with the first proofs I am fully satisfied
- The printer is no Leisetreter, also no hell machine
- The PDF manual is detailed and accurate

Download Brother HL-4140CN Printer Driver Installer
I use the Brother HL-4140CN printer now for about 2 weeks, the first good impression has been confirmed. A few more additions and hints. Foil printing: Foil printing is not described in the manual. A forum user says that transparencies are explicitly not allowed by Brother as print material. This is just a hint for people who want to print slides. Color print quality: Test reports certify the printer weaknesses in color printing. I do not doubt it, but I did not recognize any Mägnel in my own proofs in high resolution. I am very pleased.

Brother HL-4140CN Drivers Download
Brother HL-4140CN Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother HL-4140CN Download
Cassette change and page counter: I refer you to the details of the manual. The essential message: a toner cartridge is not necessarily empty when the counter is full. You can reset the counter! Memory expansion: the printer comes with 128 MB. Another 256 MB you can buy cheap. No problem. Energy consumption: supposedly the printer is an energy saver. I did not measure it. However, the printer has a standby mode in which it is virtually 'dead', but starts up immediately when needed. My habit is to switch off devices if I do not use them. So much for my experiences. For me, the printer is a clear recommendation. I hope the report helps!

About the Brother HL-4140CN driver installation in the network have already left a few Mitrezensenten extensively, I have the same experience, simple and straightforward, and at computer reinstallation or change or Bietriebsystem upgrade always immediately with Brother can reload the appropriate driver, this is a service as you wish it! Now it is exchanged for the successor "HL-L8250 CDN", because after more than 75000 sheets of the change of the transfer unit is pending (about 100, - € net) and the change of the drum unit (about 150, - € net) is foreseeable, therefore, the commercial decision to exchange the device, which still provides excellent prints.

Oh by the way: I can remember in the whole time at 3 (in words THREE) occasions in which there has once been a paper jam, there we have with the products of other well-known manufacturers (even the one with the big "K" ) have to have quite different experiences.


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