30 Amazing Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas


Farmhouse Bathroom – Decorating a house using a certain style of decoration or design means that the entire area of the house should all be done the same. When the idea to decorate the house is to adopt farmhouse style the entire area should be in that style. It includes an area like a bathroom as well as a laundry room.

Decorating the main interior spaces only in a specific style will not be enough to create a completely authentic look of the incorporated style of décor. That leads to the fact that altering the décor style of a house is not an easy thing. Every space should be decorated properly and accordingly for sure.

Creating a farmhouse bathroom to complete the authentic farmhouse décor of a house is a must. It is pretty much the same as decorating the main spaces of the house such as the living room, dining room, and bedroom. There are basic characteristics of farmhouse décor to adopt inside the bathroom.

The characteristics to follow when creating a farmhouse bathroom are not hard to get done. It involves only simple things that are easy to find for the authentic appeal. More importantly the things do not necessarily have to be new since old items can be incorporated to create a farmhouse appeal.

Open shelving storage is among the key elements in a bathroom decorated with farmhouse style. Even in a modern farmhouse variation of the original style, open style shelves made of wood will do the trick. This will be the main storage area that will not use a lot of space inside the bathroom..

Steel based mesh racks can be added to the wooden open shelving storage to provide more space to store bathroom supplies. Woven baskets can be incorporated as well for example as a laundry basket for the bathroom area. With the combination of those items the bathroom will be a farmhouse one.

The table or counter for the sink should be made of wood in an open shelving style as well. The sink is better to be made of porcelain in white. Just below the surface of the table can actually be used as an additional storage space in which woven baskets can be placed there as well.

Wall covering and flooring should be in the authentic farmhouse appeal to complete the look. Subway tiles or simply wood will be enough to deliver a farmhouse appeal for the entire space of the bathroom. Other options include hexagon tiles and natural stone for an authentic appeal.

Wooden beams of the bathroom designed and decorated in farmhouse style should be left visible. This is beneficial in adding a visual space to the bathroom as well instead of just beneficial for the décor. It leads to a small bathroom that is considerably spacious in its feel and vibe.

The last addition to the authentic look of a farmhouse décor in a bathroom is the use of white. Certainly it can be in any form including sink, toilet, and supplies such as towels and even area rug. That is the idea of creating a farmhouse bathroom décor easily.


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