30 Awesome Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas


Modern Farmhouse Exterior – Nowadays there are many variations of design and décor to choose with the purpose of beautifying the exterior area of any house. A beautiful and welcoming exterior appeal is one of many important things for a house. That will lead to a better price whenever the house is for sale at some points.

There is the modern farmhouse style of design and décor for a house. It covers both the interior and exterior that anyone may choose. One thing for sure is that this design has its own characteristics to define it from other styles of design.

When deciding to go for a modern farmhouse appeal in term of exterior design and décor, it is important to know the characteristics of it in the first place. In general it is not just about the overall look of the design. It delivers the feeling of casual and easy just like simplicity in modern design.

This design is called a modern farmhouse since it combines some aspects of both of them. It incorporates the simplicity of modern design alongside the beauty of classic farmhouse design. It creates a wonderful style without any excessive touch but still very pretty in many ways to enjoy.

With the modern farmhouse style of today, it is very easy to adopt as the basic idea of remodeling an old house. It does not have to be a house for vacation only just like the old farmhouse style.

A decent characteristic of farmhouse style is a huge opening to enter the interior area. Old farmhouse style needs it to bring large items in and out whenever necessary. This is applied into the modern farmhouse in both the doors and the windows that serve purposefully instead of just symbols.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Large openings in a modern farmhouse exterior mean that there is a bigger chance to enjoy the outside even from the inside. Furthermore it will somehow eliminate the barrier of the interior and exterior for a more welcoming vibe. It leads to a better use of natural lights as well for the interior.

Another important element for a modern farmhouse exterior is a covered porch that makes it totally useful. The front porch of a farmhouse style house should be able to be used as a kind of hanging out spot at any time. It has its benefit of adding the space to the overall usable space of the house.

A well covered porch with a set of outdoor furniture is a must to have the modern farmhouse design done. A rocking chair to relax and enjoy the surrounding area of the house is a good addition to the front porch. A swing is another decent addition to a modern farmhouse front porch.

One last bit of characteristic of a modern farmhouse exterior is the woodworking. The exterior should be incorporating as many woods as possible just as the interior. It includes hardwood flooring from the interior to the porch and thick wooden beams on the front porch.


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